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Solar Energy


Roof Integrated Photovoltaics
1024 Dean St. Brooklyn New York

Other than its 2 green roofs, the Nassau Ice House Brewery Lofts have a solar array on the most prominent of their three roof tops. This is a 7 kilowatt system that is comprised of Unisolar Photovoltaic Laminates. This system is connected to Con Edison's net-metering program. This system will generate 8309 kilowatt-hours per year.

Solar Paneling for your Garden
6 15 Garden, Park Slope Brooklyn & 6 BC Garden, Manhattan New York

Placing solar panels in gardens and other outdoor community centers not only provides an independent source of energy, but also serves as an educational tool through which community members can learn about the many practical applications of solar electrity. The energy generated can be used for charginig power tools and pond aeration, as well as provide lighting at night. Long-time community activist and solar practioner Tracy Fitz has installed photovoltaic panels in the 6BC Garden on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and is presently working on installing solar panels in the 6 15 Communtiy Garden in Park Slope Brooklyn. The 6 BC garden features six Unisolar 64w PV panels on an arbor and toolshed roof. They are fixed 30 degrees south, to recieve optimal sunlight. The panels store their energy in six 85 amphour deep-cycle marine batteries. The installation also uses a 30 amp change controller, two circuit breakers as well as a water pump timer for proper pond aeration.

Assessing Your Solar Needs

How much energy do you need? Well, it really depends on how much you use

Net-Metering and Photovoltaic System Specifics

Net Metering is the process by which major energy providers incorporate surplus energy from non-commercial power suppliers into the energy grid. This surplus energy is the energy that is generated independently of the main grid and exceeds private usage. Net metering measures this excess energy and pays the supplier for the additional energy that they generate per watt. Therefore, an incentive to having a photovoltaic system is that whatever energy you dont need, you will be paid for by the major power utility.

Solar Energy Materials and Funding Resources

Tracy Fitz and City Solar





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Solar Energy
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