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Solar Energy

Net- Metering and Photovoltaic System Components

Net-metering provides energy without needing batteries
During hours when electricity is being generated, the meter runs backwards if you are producing more power than you use. At night, the meter will run forward as you use energy from the grid. If the meter shows negative numbers by the end of the year, the power company will buy the energy it used from your system.

Net-metering and batteries provide emergency power
In the event of a black out the inverter will automatically switch consumption from the grid to energy stored in your batteries.

Batteries are not essential, but very convenient
If you only have solar cells without batteries, you can only get power when the sun is out. If you have batteries they can store the electricity surplus during the day and provide ample power at night.

Inverter Systems
Most inverters come ready to do net-metering with or without batteries as well as the ability to work with off-grid PV systems. The photovoltaic system must match the voltage requirements of the inverter. Batteries can then be matched according to size and voltage with the PV and inverter voltage and usage.

Legalities and Liabilities
The net-metering connection rules of the local service provider must be followed in order to protect both you and your system and the providers technicians. Be sure that the power switches and circuit breakers, etc. are in accordance with local power authority regulations to prevent accidents in blackout situations.

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Solar Energy
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