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Solar Energy

Solar Electricity for Ponds :
Aeration and Fountain Construction


Pond Water Aeration and Circulation

In order to maintain a healthy pond, it is essential to provide a system in which the water is continuously aerated to provide oxygen for the fish and plant life. Without aeration, your pond will risk becoming anaerobic, allowing stagnation and anaerobic bacteria to flourish. Not only will this kill the plant and animal life, it will also become quite smelly. The electricity used and pumping time will vary depending on the size of your pond. There are 7.5 gallons in one cubic foot of water, therefore

7.5 x length x depth x width = pond volume in gallons

A 12 volt bilge pump will circulate 500 gallons per hour at zero head (how high the water is lifted) and 360 gph at 3.35 ft of head. If you aerate your pond 4-5 hours a day, every 2-3 hours, you will be able to maintain a healthy ecosystem. In NYC, there are about 4.6 hours of full sunlight per day. Combined with 1 Unisolar 64 watt solar electric module, you will have enough energy to power your pump, and about 52 watts left for other uses including excess energy storage in a battery.


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Solar Energy
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